Alaska DMV Appointment Schedule Guide

The DMV is a significant facility that provides a variety of services to a lot of people. Be it for taking a driving test, applying for a new driver’s license, renewing your license, getting a learner’s permit, registering an insurance policy, registering a vehicle, paying a failure report, getting your details edited, applying for driving records, or for applying for a special license plate, whatever the reason may be, there is no point in sitting and waiting in lines or for the process to begin. The best solution is to schedule an appointment beforehand and speed up the process.

How To Schedule An Appointment at DMV Alaska

There are three ways in which you can schedule an Alaska DMV appointment. 

  • You can go to an office and get an appointment scheduled in person, or
  • Over the phone call during their hours of operation by providing them your details. 
  • Alaska DMV appointment online through the website
  • Open This Link
  • Select Branch
  • Select Service
  • Select Date & Time
  • Enter Contact Details
  • Tick T&C
  • Click On Create Appointment

When you schedule your appointments in advance, you have some liberty to choose the time of your appointments, at least in specific brackets. Here is how you can make sure that you select a timing that would help you get your work done quickly.

Best Time to Visit DMV Alaska

The DMV is usually a busy place, and Mondays and Fridays being crowded is pretty much a given. Along with that, it stays busy the first and last days of the month and days adjacent to holidays as well. It’s not that the work would not get done, it would just take longer than it needs to and you would have to wait in lines for quite a lot of time. So, days in the middle of the week are the best days which you can schedule your Alaska DMV appointment on. When we talk about the timings, mornings are relatively more chill than lunch hours, and the DMV offices get busier in the evening. Also, to save yourself some time, you can try to complete some paperwork beforehand and make sure you already have all required documents. You can find information regarding this on their website as well. 

To help you out a little more, here are a few examples of DMV appointments, how they can be booked and other information that you should keep in mind.

Alaska DMV Permit Test Appointment

To book an Alaska DMV permit test appointment online, all you have to do is log in to the website, hover over the “ONLINE SERVICE” tab to get the dropdown menu, then on SCHEDULING, then finally click on “Schedule My Road Test.” The page will ask you for the necessary details, after filling which your appointment would be fixed. The website also contains information related to additional services and required documents.

  • Open This Link
  • Select Branch
  • Select Permit Test
  • Select Date & Time
  • Enter Contact Details
  • Tick T&C
  • Click On Create Appointment

Alaska DMV REAL ID appointment

To book an Alaska DMV REAL ID appointment online, all you have to do after logging in is hover over the “LICENSE ID” tab, then on REAL ID. The page will give you necessary information related to the process including the required documents and FAQs that would walk you through every piece of information you need to get a REAL ID.

  • Open This Link
  • Select Branch
  • Select Real ID
  • Select Date & Time
  • Enter Contact Details
  • Tick T&C
  • Click On Create Appointment

Required Documents for Alaska Appointment

For a standard credential, you would require documents that prove your identity and lawful status, your social security number and your residential address. You can find a detailed list of all required documents for any particular service you wish to avail on the website. These include but are not limited to your passport, birth certificate, SSN written on the application, rental or lease agreement, voter registration confirmation letter, government issued tax document, home utility bills and more depending on what service you want to get from the DMV.

DMV Alaska Online Services List

Earlier, you could schedule appointments and find a plethora of information regarding the Alaska DMV online. however, ever since the pandemic and lockdown, the Alaska DMV has started providing more and more services online. These services can help you save quite a lot of time and can be availed through the government website.

Currently, you can avail the following services online:

  1. Boat Title & Registration
  2. Commercial Driver’s Licence
  3. Commercial Instructional permit
  4. Driver’s License
  5. Handicap Placards
  6. Identification Card
  7. Motorcycle Instructional Permit
  8. Off-Road Registration
  9. One Way Trip Permit
  10. Real ID Commercial Drive’s License
  11. Real ID Driver’s License
  12. Read ID Identification Card
  13. ReinStatements
  14. Specialty Plates
  15. Title Transfers
  16. Vehicle Inspection
  17. Vehicle Instructional Permit
  18. Vehicle Registration

How to Cancel or Reschedule DMV Appointment at Alaska

You can make changes in your scheduled appointment through the online portal itself. Once you log in, you can access the details of your current scheduled appointment and find the editing options on the same page. To cancel an appointment, you might have to contact the office and let them know of your request. You can find the contact information on the government’s website.