CA (California) DMV Appointment Schedule Guide

If you are a new resident of California, you need to do some paperwork to make your vehicle and driver’s document in order to drive your vehicles on the roads of California. DMV California maintains some processes to assist you with your documentations related to driving license or vehicle registration. In order to apply for a new document or update the existing one, you need to visit the DMV California office after scheduling an appointment. DMV California appointment scheduling process can be done online or available over call as well. So before visiting the CA DMV Office you need to schedule an appointment online or by their automated call services available at 800-777-0133. Follow the steps to schedule your online appointment with DMV California:

How to Schedule an Appointment at DMV California (CA)

  • Log in from the California DMV at
  • Select the online services, vehicle registration, driver’s license or schedule appointment.
  • You can schedule an exam, appointment, renew the license, request a  duplicate, make changes to documents  or payment.
  • Also, you can check hours of operation & access phone numbers.
  • Some CA DMV offices are able to assist in person whereas other only provide telephonic services.

Best Time to Visit DMV CA (California)

The best time to visit an government office for any kind of document is their working hours in which there are very low number of appointments. So you don’t need to wait in a long queue to get your paperwork done.  Here are some tips that help you to choose the best time for your DMV CA appointment schedules:

  • Middle of the weeks may have small wait times than Monday & Friday.
  • Afternoon times are busier than morning time.
  • The lunch break of DMV California offices is around noon, so avoid lunch hours to reduce the wait time.
  • Ensure your availability to have enough time to finish up your paperwork, specifically if you have to give a road test or needs a permit.

CA DMV Written Test Appointment

To take written test for DMV CA, you need to schedule an appointment and visit the California DMV offices. It’s recommend to wait for sometime till you get your certificates in hand to avoid rescheduling of your written test appointment. You can make your appointment schedule at DMV over the call at 1-800-777-0133 or online by visiting the official portal of DMV CA and select appointment option. 

CA DMV Permit Test Appointment

In order to ride your vehicle in California areas you need to make sure that you have enough documents and permissions. To get permit and paperwork you need to take permit test at DMV CA offices. Appointment can be scheduled easily on call with DMV CA office or by online visiting the appointment section of their online portal. 

CA DMV Driving Test Appointment

To schedule a driving test appointment with DMV California you can use also use their automated call services by calling at 800-777-0133. Their call service is available 24/7 for all California residents. Walk-ins are not allowed for driving test at CA DMV so you must need to schedule an appointment before going for a driving test.

CA DMV Real ID Appointment

As of May 3, 2023, All the resident of California will need to carry a Real ID license to access specific federal buildings, board commercial flights, and to enter the nuclear facilities within the united states. 

Real ID requirements

  • To get California real id, you need to show identity document that contains date of birth and your full name.
  • You need to renew your license, or id card online in order to obtain your new California real id.
  • Visit dmv ca office with appointment, if you have not previously issued driver’s license or California id.
  • Schedule an appointment online through DMV CA official portal, to visit DMV service center in order to get your California REAL ID.

Steps to get REAL ID

  • Collect all the required documents you need to apply REAL ID California.
  • Complete online application form and upload the mandatory documents.
  • Make sure to save the confirmation code you receive.
  • Navigate to DMV field office, with your suitable availability for the estimated service time.
  • Take the application confirmation code with you & process the real id in California.

DMV CA (California) Online Service List

There are a lot of services provided by DMV California at their offices but to schedule an appointment you need to use their online services and then visit the dmv field offices. The main services provided by the DMV CA are:

  • Renew the vehicle registration
  • Request Driver’s record
  • File for planned non-operation
  • Request vehicle record
  • Renew the driver’s license or id card
  • Request replacement driver’s license.
  • Request replacement sticker or registration card.
  • Look up occupational licensing status.
  • Renew motor carrier permit
  • Complete notice of transfer or release of liability.

Required Documents for CA Appointment

When applying for driver’s license or travel id in California state, you need to bring some necessary documents along with you for the DMV appointment. If you have all documents with you, the visit will go smooth and faster to get your work done. These documents include:

  • U.S. citizenship or proof of lawful presence like passport or birth certificate of candidate.
  • Valid proof of social security number like social security card or W2 form.
  • Two valid proof of documents that proves your residency of California like the lease document or utility bill.

All documents must be original copy & stamped if essential. If you have already submitted the required documents online, you may need to bring mainly the driver’s license or identity card depending on the procedure.

How to Cancel or Reschedule DMV Appointment at CA

Once you schedule your appointment with DMV California online, you can reschedule it or cancel the visit using the same online portal of DMV. You can also call on the DMV service center to reschedule your call or cancel the appointment. To make changes in your scheduled appointment you need to have some essential information like mobile number or email used to schedule the DMV CA appointment, and appointment id received to confirm the changes. 

If for any reason, you didn’t appear in the road test or driver’s exam you may lose your appointment. When you lose your existing appointment with dmv, you need to make a new appointment by call or online. You might need to pay another fee for reschedule the test appointment.

CA NJ DMV Offices List

There are approx 2400 MVC employees based at 71 locations throughout the CA NJ state. So you can choose nearby dmv offices to get your paperwork done quickly without wasting a lot of time in transit. All DMV CA offices may work similarly with a perfect time schedule and also accepts online appointment through their online portal along with telephonic services. You can visit their offices at the scheduled time along with the necessary documents to complete your driver’s license or vehicle registrations process. Their telephonic services are available 24 hours and 7 days a week so if you have any issues with your appointment, you can connect with them to get your issues resolved quickly.